High Performance Computing Graduate Minor

This has been phased out, and has been replaced by the
Grad Minor in Computational Science.

Description from the PSU BlueBook:


The executive committee of the Institute for High-Performance Computing Applications (IHPCA) administers this interdisciplinary minor. Each student.s program is planned by the student and a designated IHPCA adviser, in consultation with the graduate adviser in the student.s major field. The minor offers an opportunity for students in all colleges and majors to pursue a focused set of courses that emphasize the use of high-performance computers to solve problems in science and engineering (and possibly other disciplines). The minor requires 9 credits in high-performance computing courses for a master.s degree and 15 credits for a doctoral minor. Six credits will be taken from AERSP 424, CSE 530, and NUC E 530. In addition, students selecting the minor are encouraged to register for one or both of the high-performance computing seminars offered in the fall and spring semesters. Each of the core courses will be offered once every year. In addition, the course prerequisites can be met readily by students in science and engineering. For example, AERSP 424 requires only basic calculus and programming courses. NUC E 530 has AERSP 424 as a possible prerequisite and the instructors for CSE 530 and AERSP 424 have agreed to collaborate to make sure that AERSP 424 is an acceptable prerequisite for CSE 530. The situation for students with a nonscience background will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The remaining credits required for the minor will include 400- and 500-level high-performance computing courses. More information can be found on the IHPCA Web site: http://www.csci.psu.edu/ .

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The HPC Graduate Minor has been extremely successful, with more than 100 graduate students involved since 1999. There are approximately 60 graduate students currently enrolled in the program. This is probably the most successful program of its kind in the country.

The remaining credits (BEYOND THE CORE) required for the Ph.D. minor will include 400- and 500-level high performance computing courses from the list below.

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