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Graduate Minor in High Performance Computing
1999 - 2010

(& Advisor)
(@ psu.edu)
1 Anirudh Modi Unsteady separated flow simulations using a cluster of workstations Aerospace
(L. Long)
anirudh M.S. May, 1999 Graduated
2 Anurag Agarwal Direct simulation of acoustic scattering by a rotorcraft fuselage Aerospace Engr.
(P. Morris)
a-agarwal M.S. May, 2000 Graduated
3 Chuang Li Molecular Dynamics Simulation Of Transports Properties Of Supercritical Fluids Mech. Engr.
(L. Long)
cxl348 M.S. May, 2000 Graduated
4 Arun Keswani Reynolds Number Dependence Of Particle Clustering In Isotropic Turbulent Flow Chemical Engr.
(L. Collins)
ack153 M.S. Dec. 2000 Graduated
5 Nilay Sezer-Uzol High-Accuracy Wake And Vortex Simulations Using A Hybrid Euler/Discrete Vortex Method Aerospace Engr.
(L. Long)
nxs216 M.S. May 2001 Graduated
6 Cesare Frepoli Development Of A Subgrid Model With A Fine Moving Grid Overlying
A Coarse Eulerian Mesh For Modeling Reflood Heat Transfer
Nuclear Engr.
(L. Hochreiter)
cxf248 Ph.D. Dec., 2001 Graduated
7 Yaroslava Yingling Photochemical Processes In Laser Ablation Of Organic Solids: Molecular Dynamics Study Chemistry
(B. Garrison)
yara@chem. Ph.D. Dec., 2002 Graduated
8 Peihong Zhang Theory Of Electronic And Structural Properties Of Materials:
Novel Group-IV Materials And Real Space Methods
(V. Crespi)
pzhang@phys. Ph.D. Aug., 2001 Graduated
9 Zhigang Wang no thesis Aerospace Engr.
(P. Morris)
zxw110 M.Eng. May, 2001 Graduated
10 John McKinzie Physics Physics
(W. Ernst)
mckinzie@phys. M.S. May, 2001 Graduated
11 Andres Diaz Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering
(I.C. Khoo)
adiaz M.S. May 2002 Graduated
12 Anupam Sharma Parallel Methods For Unsteady, Separated Flows And Aerodynamic Noise Prediction Aerospace Engr.
(L. Long)
axs455 M.S. Aug. 2001 Graduated
13 Robert Hansen Unsteady Analysis Of Bluff Bodies Using The Nonlinear Disturbance Equations Mech. Engr.
(L. Long)
rph102 Ph.D. Aug. 2001 Graduated
14 Frederic Souliez Parallel Methods For The Computation Of Unsteady Separated Flows Around Complex Geometries Aerospace Engr.
(L. Long)
fjs121 Ph.D. Aug., 2002 Graduated
15 Daniel Leon A Generalized Hyperbolic PDEs Solver For Conservation Laws Petro. & Nat. Gas Engr.
(M. Adewumi)
del192 M.S. May 2004 Graduated
16 Li Shi Monte Carlo Modeling And Testing Of The Compton Backscatter Gauge Mech. and Nuc. Engr.
(E. Klevans)
lxs269 M.S. Dec. 2001 Graduated
17 Fatos Arzu Alpan An Advanced Methodology For Generating Multigroup Cross Sections For Shielding Calculations Nuclear Engineering
(A. Haghighat)
faa108 Ph.D. May 2003 Graduated
18 Meshal Algharaib Development And Implementation Of A Parallel Computing Protocol
For Reservoir And Wellbore Flow Models
Petroleum Engr.
(T. Ertekin)
meshal@pnge. Ph.D. Aug., 2002 Graduated
19 Vaithi Thirunavukkarasu A New Multi-Scale Mixing Model For Turbulent Reacting Flows Chemical Engineering
(L. Collins)
vxt122 Ph.D. Dec. 2003 Graduated
20 Sudip Kumar Ghosh Modeling, Mechanics And Physiology Of The Esophagus And Lower Sphincter Mechanical Engineering
(J. Brasseur)
sudip@jazz.me. Ph.D. May, 2005 Graduated
21 Kito Holliday The Mechanical And Optical Properties Of Ordered And Disordered Materials Physics
(V. Crespi)
holliday@phys. Ph.D. May 2005 Graduated
22 Anthony Faulds Satellite Collision Analysis Using Genetic Algorithms, Parallel Processing And Stochastic Methods Aerospace Engineering
(D. Spencer)
alf193 M.S. May, 2002 Graduated
23 Allen Mathias Enhancing Service Differentiation Of 802.11e In Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks CSE
(G. Cao)
adm181 M.S. Aug. 2003 Graduated
24 Dragan Stojkovic Novel Carbon-Hydrogen Nanostructures Physics
(V. Crespi)
dss191 Ph.D. Dec., 2004 Graduated
25 Darryl Genovesi A Java-Based Direct Monte Carlo Simulation Of A Nano-Scale Pulse Detonation Engine Aerospace
( L. Long)
genovesi M.S. May, 2002 Graduated
26 Liangyu Wang Detailed Chemistry, Soot, And Radiation Calculations In Turbulent Reacting Flows Mechanical Engineering
(S. Turns & D. Haworth)
lxw192 Ph.D. May 2004 Graduated
27 Gaoming Li History Dependent Modeling Of Counter-Current Flow In Porous Media PNGE
(A. Grader)
gaoming@pnge. Ph.D. May 2003 Graduated
28 Kelly Corfeld Computational Analysis Of A Prototype Martian Rotorcraft Experiment Aerospace
(L . Long)
kjc192 M.S. May, 2002 Graduated
29 Sanjukta Bhowmick Multimethod Solvers: Algorithms, Application And Software Computer Science and Engr.
(P. Raghavan)
sub105 Ph.D. Dec. 2004 Graduated
30 Aruj Ahluwalia Preferential Concentration Of Finite Stokes Number Particles In
Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulent Flow
Chemical Engineering
(Lance Collins)
aruj M.S. Aug. 2002 Graduated
31 David Werkheiser Modeling Of The Integrated Control System For The Three Mile Island Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Engineering
(Robert Edwards)
dlw195 M.S. Dec., 2002 Graduated
32 Gretchen Holtzer Particle Force Light Scattering : A Technique For Measuring Interparticle Forces Chemical Engineering
(Darrell Velegol)
glh123 Ph.D. Aug. 2005 Graduated
33 Matt Moffatt no thesis Aerospace Engineering
(Lyle Long)
mfm136 M.Eng. May, 2003 Graduated
34 Arun Neelakantan Intermolecular Packing And Dynamics In Polyolefins Chemical Engr.
(J. Maranas )
axn184 M.S. Aug. 2003 Graduated
35 Preetham Rao High Order Unstructured Grid Methods For Computational Aeroacoustics Aerospace Engr.
(P. Morris )
pprao Ph.D. May 2004 Graduated
36 James Fischer Comparison Of Spatial And Angular Domain Decomposition Algorithms For
Discrete Ordinates Transport Methods Using Parallel Performance Models
Mechaanical & Nuc. Engr.
(Y. Azmy)
jwf145 M.S. May, 2003 Graduated
37 Shailesh Jindal Unsteady Turbulent Separated Flow Simulations Using Unstructured Grids Aerospace Engineering
(L. Long)
suj114 M.S. Dec., 2004 Graduated
38 Radu Miron A Journey Across Time Scales: Accelerated Atomistic Simulation Of Surface Growth Physics
(K. Fichthorn)
ram310 Ph.D. Aug. 2004 Graduated
39 Keith Akins Drag Model Validation Using High Eccentricity Satellite Observations Aerospace
(D. Spencer)
kakins M.S. Dec. 2003 Graduated
40 Yingzi Chen Structural And Dynamics Correlations In Vitreous B*O* : A Molecular Dynamics Study Chemical Engineering
(J. Maranas)
yzc1 M.S. May 2003 Graduated
41 Freddy Alvarado Determination Of Mechanical And Hydraulic Behavior Of Tensile
Fractures Under Multiphase Flow Using X-ray Computed Tomography
(A. Grader)
fea1 Ph.D. May 2005 Graduated
42 Warren Baker Simulations Of Coanda Effect Circulation Control Using
Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Computational Fluid Dynamics
(P. Morris)
wjb147 M.S. Dec. 2004 Graduated
43 Daniel Shedlock Determination And Analysis Of 3-D Neutron Flux Throughout A
Spent Fuel Storage Cask Using The 3-D SN Transport Method
Nuc. Engr.
(A. Haghighat)
shedlock@ufl.edu M.S. Dec. 2003 Graduated
44 Abby Weeks no thesis Aerospace
(R. Melton)
aaw146 M.Eng. May 2004 Graduated
45 Tracy Fritz An Object-Oriented Unsteady Vortex Lattice Method For Flapping Flight Aerospace
(L. Long)
tef123 M.S. Aug. 2004 Graduated
46 Pradeep Teregowda Optimization And Implementation Of A Decentralized Traffic
Engineering Algorithm On The Internet
Electrical Engineering
(C. Lagoa)
pbt105 M.S. May 2004 Graduated
47 Nan Zong Modeling And Simulation Of Cryogenic Fluid Injection And Mixing Dynamics
Under Supercritical Conditions
Mech. and Nuc. Engr.
(V. Yang)
nzz100 Ph.D. May 2005 Graduated
49 Jyotirmaya Nanda A Framework For Product Platform Knowledge Management Using The Semantic Web Paradigm Industrial Engineering
(Tim Simpson)
jxn903 Ph.D. Aug. 2006 Graduated
50 Keita Teranishi Scalable Hybrid Sparse Linear Solvers Computer Sci. and Engr.
(P. Raghavan)
kut100 Ph.D. Dec. 2004 Graduated
51 Emre Alpman Reynolds Stress Modeling Of Separated Turbulent Flows Over Helicopters Aerospace Engineering
(L. Long)
exa152 Ph.D. May 2006 Graduated
52 Ahmet Ozgur Erdemli Nodal Transport Method In Cylindrical R-Z Geometry Nuclear Engineering
(Y. Azmy)
aoe103 M.S. May 2005 Graduated
53 Xia Feng Evaluation And Modification Of One-Level 2.5 Planetary
Boundary Layer Scheme Used In The MM5 Model
(N. Seaman)
xuf100 M.S. Dec. 2004 Graduated
54 Patrick O'Connor Numerical Simulations Of Chemically Reactive Gas Flows Using Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Aerospace Engr.
(L. Long)
pdo109 M.S. May 2005 Graduated
55 Errol Pinto A Study On Systems Optimization Of Supply Networks Using Evolutionary Algorithms Industrial Engr.
(S. Kumara)
egp109 M.S. Dec., 2004 Graduated
56 Daniel Genin Regular And Chaotic Dynamics Of Outer Billiards Mathematics
(S. Tabachnikov)
dig102 Ph.D. Aug. 2005 Graduated
57 Sai R. Mahabhashyam Modeling A Web Server Supporting Streaming And Elastic Requests Industrial Engineering
(N. Gautam)
sym110 M.S. Aug. 2004 Graduated
58 Jiaqiang Zhong The Modeling Of Homogeneous Condensation In Free-Expanding
Plumes With The Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method
Aerospace Engr.
(D. Levin)
jxz194 Ph.D. May, 2005 Graduated
59 Maria Emelianenko Multilevel And Adaptive Methods For Some Nonlinear Optimization Problems Mathematics
(A. Du)
mge108 Ph.D. Aug. 2005 Graduated
60 Benjamin Lamptey The Role Of Land Cover Change In Long-Term Climate Change Geosciences
(E. Barron)
bll146 Ph.D. Aug. 2005 Graduated
61 Charu Sharma no thesis Aerospace Engr.
(K. Brentner)
cus129 M.Eng. Aug. 2004 Graduated
62 Alexis Gammiero An Artificial Neural Network Based Screening Model For CO* Flooding Recovery Predictions Petro. & Nat. Gas Engr.
(T. Ertekin)
ajg256 M.S. Aug. 2004 Graduated
63 Nathan Grube A Low Reynolds Number Algebraic Reynolds Stress Model With Round-Jet Correction Aerospace
(P. Morris)
neg111 M.S. Dec. 2004 Graduated
64 Dmitry Fedosov Investigation Of Numerical Errors In Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method Aerospace Engr.
(D. Levin)
daf925 M.S. Dec. 2004 Graduated
65 Yong Qin Interactions Between Colloidal Nanoparticles: A Molecular-Dynamics Simulation Study Chem. Engr.
(K. Fichthorn)
yxq102 Ph.D. May 2005 Graduated
66 Raghavan Balaji Dynamics Of A Serpentine Belt Drive With Decoupler/Isolator Mech. Engr.
(E. Mockensurm)
rzb113 M.S. Dec. 2004 Graduated
67 Anupam Sharma Numerical Simulations Of Blast-Impact Problems Using The Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method Aersp Engr.
(L. Long)
axs455 Ph.D. Dec. 2004 Graduated
68 Saurabh Mishra Tailoring Weld Geometry And Composition In Fusion Welding
Through Convective Mass Transfer Calculations
Materials Science and Engr.
(T. DebRoy)
sum104 Ph.D. May 2006 Graduated
69 Arun Rajamani Wound Roll Dielectric Elastomer Actuators Mechanical Engr.
(C. Rahn)
axr936 M.S. May, 2005 Graduated
70 Karl Klingebiel Computational Aerodynamics Of Flapping Flight Using An Indicial Response Method Aerospace Engr.
(L. Long)
krk179 M.S. Aug., 2006 Graduated
71 Azam Thatte Mathematical Model Experiments And 3-D Visualization Of
Flame Spread Over Water-In-Oil Emulsions
Mech. Engr.
(A. Kulkarni)
amt951 M.S. May 2005 Graduated
72 George Pappas Certificate Revocation: The Right Time And Place Computer Science & Engr.
(G. Kesidis)
gnp102 M.S. May 2005 Graduated
73 Amit Kumar Tailoring Defect Free Fusion Welds Based On Phenomenological Modeling Material Sci. & Engr.
(T. DebRoy)
axk927 Ph.D. Aug. 2006 Graduated
74 Anthony DeLullo no thesis Aerospace Engr.
(L. Long)
amd264 M.Eng. May 2006 Graduated
75 Tao Wang An Integrated Approach For Microstructure Simulation: Application To Ni-Al-Mo Alloys Matls. Sci. Engr.
(Z. Lui & L. Chen)
tuw107 Ph.D. Aug. 2006 Graduated
76 Abraham Mathew Incorporating Cooperative Learning Activities Into Traditional Aerospace Engineering Curricula Aerospace Engr.
(D. Spencer)
axm153 M.S. Aug. 2005 Graduated
77 Leonard Lopes A New Model And Prediction Tool For Landing Gear Acoustics Aerospace Engr.
(K. Brentner)
lvl105 M.S. Dec. 2005 Graduated
78 Theodore Stodgell Multiobjecive Evolutionary Optimization Of Satellite Rendezvous Tours Aerospace Engr.
(D. Spencer)
trs137 M.S. Dec. 2006 Graduated
79 Jason Tomlinson no thesis Computer Science
(L. Coraor)
jet16 M.Eng. Dec. 2006 Graduated
80 Benoit Petitjean On The Nonlinearities In The Noise Radiated From High-Speed Model Jets Aersp Engr.
(D. McLaughlin)
bxp184 Ph.D. Dec.. 2006 Graduated
81 Zhe Zhang Statistics Statistics zxz118 Ph.D. May 2007 Graduated
82 Ingyu Lee Computational modeling and simulation algorithms Computer Science and Engr.
(Prof. P. Raghavan)
iyl102 Ph.D. May, 2007 Graduated
83 Peter Vaiana Automated Formation Flight Control Reference Frames Aerospace Engr.
(Prof. L. Long)
pcv103 M.S. May, 2007 Graduated
84 Yong Tang Hydrologic Model Evaluation and Identification Civil & Env. Engr.
(Prof. P. Reed)
yxt132 Ph.D. May 2007 Graduated
85 Elena Margine Electronic and vibrational properties of carbon nanostructures Physics
(Prof. V. Crespi)
erm157 Ph.D. May 2007 Graduated
86 Yih-Pin Liew Shock/structure interaction using an immersed boundary method Aerospace Engr.
(Prof. P. Morris)
yzl108 Ph.D. Aug., 2007 Graduated
87 Boyan Ivanov Multi-physics nuclear reactor simulations Mech. & Nuc. Engr.
(Prof. K. Ivanov)
bdi105 Ph.D. Dec. 2007 Graduated
88 Anquan Wang Radiative heat transfer in combustion systems Mech. Engr.
(Prof. Modest)
auw113 Ph.D. Aug., 2007 Graduated
89 Tao Liu Supercritical fluid mixing and dynamics Mech. & Nuc. Engr.
(Prof. V. Yang)
tul113 Ph.D. Dec. 2007 Graduated
90 Alexei Kisselev Molecular Modeling of Polymers Physics
(Prof. E. Manias)
amk305 Ph.D. Dec. 2007 Graduated
91 Eloisa Bentivegna Numerical Simulation of Black Hole Systems
(Prof. D. Shoemaker)
eub115 Ph.D. May 2008 Graduated
92 Richard Medvitz CFD of pulsatile Heart Assist Devices Mechanical Engineering
(Prof. L. Pauley)
rbm120 Ph.D. May 2008 Graduated
93 Amanda Hanford Acoustics simulations using DSMC Acoustics
(Prof. L. Long)
ald227 Ph.D.. Aug. 2008 Graduated
94 Guangri Xue Robust algorithms in computational fuel cell dynamics
(Prof. J. Xu)
gxx102 Ph.D. Aug. 2008 Graduated
95 Hengguang Li FEM for Elliptic Equations with Singularities
(Prof. V. Nistor)
hxl216 Ph.D. Aug. 2008 Graduated
96 Patrick Conforti Simulations of laser ablation of polymers
(Prof. B. Garrison)
pfc112 PhD Aug. 2008 Graduated
97 Jason DeGraw Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Mechanical Engr.
(Prof. L. Pauley)
jwd131 Ph.D. Dec.,
98 Konrad Malkowski Computer Science
Computer Sci. and Engr.
(Prof. P. Raghavan)
kxm423 Ph.D. Dec.
99 Kelly (McLaughlin) Becker Accelerated MD Simulations of Thermal Desorption
Chemical Engineering
(Prof. K. Fichthorn)
kem264 Ph.D. Dec..
100 Michael Russo M.D. simulations of surface bombardment
(Prof. B. Garrison)
mfr129 PhD Dec.
101 Ranjan Mehta Turbulent combustion modeling (CFD)
Mech. Engr.
(Prof. Modest)
rsm209 Ph.D. Dec.
102 Puneesh Puri Mechanical Engineering
Mech. Engr.
(Prof. Yang)
pxp916 Ph.D. Dec.
103 Piyush Thakre Mechanical Engineering
Mech. Engr.
(Prof. V. Yang)
pkt109 Ph.D. Dec.
104 Brice Toth Cost Effective Machine Learning Approaches for Linear Solver Selection Computer Sci. & Engr.
(Prof. P. Raghavan)
zyx1 M.S. Aug.
105 Ragini Acharya Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engr.
(Prof. K. Kuo)
rza101 Ph.D. May,
106 Jianping Guo Solid mechanics and web handling
Mech. Engr.
(Prof. E. Mockensturn)
jxg937 Ph.D. May
107 Jian Li Combustion dynamics in hypersonic propulsion engine (CFD)
Mech. Engr.
(Prof. Yang)
jxl966 Ph.D. May
108 Kshitij Deshmukh Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulence-Radiation Interactions Mech. Engr.
(Prof. M. Modest)
kvd107 Ph.D. Aug.
109 Erin Boland Physics Physics
(Prof. J. Maranas)
ekb123 M.S. Aug.
110 Joshua Kollat Environmental Observation Network Design
Civil and Environ. Engr.
(Prof. P. Reed)
juk124 Ph.D. May
111 Arash Mahdavi Multiscale modeling of carbon nanostructures Mechanical Engineering
(Prof. E. Mockensturm)
axm432 Ph.D. May

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